Earth Friendly Valentines Day

We get so excited about the holidays and spoiling our loved ones that we often forget or don't know the impact of these purchases.


American's spend over 2 billion dollars on flowers, most of those being roses during Valentine's Day. Almost all of these roses are flown here from Ecuador & Colombia amounting to over 30 full cargo planes of roses a day for over three weeks. As we know transportation emits one of the largest amounts of greenhouse gas emissions, compromising over 28% of the country's total emissions. In an estimate, The International House On Clean Counsel found that over these 3 weeks the planes burn over 114 million liters of fuel emitting over 360,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Following the landing of the flowers here in the United States, the roses are shipped throughout the country in refrigerated trucks which uses over 25% more gas than non-refrigerates ones.

Flowers are a wonderful gift, but the best way to support our environment and your loved ones is to purchase locally grown flowers. If this is not an option for you opt for a different type of flower and make sure the company's purchasing from supports sustainable standards such as organic & pesticide-free as well as ethical standards throughout their growing process.


This isn't usually we think too deeply about since we just grab a bag of everything at Walgreens, but most of these items are wrapped in plastic & contain harmful ingredients for your body. This is the perfect opportunity to try out some sustainable candy companies who care.

Altereco is a great option for chocolate bars made out of organic fair-trade 90% cacao chocolate and wrapped in recyclable & compostable packaging.


It's the perfect time to grab a bottle of your favorite bubbly, but without the environmental impact and nasty ingredients.

Haus is a great option with plastic-free packaging, reusable aesthetically pleasing glass bottles, and natural ingredients such as herbs, fruit, elderberry, & raw can sugar.


Paper production is one of the most harmful industries to our environment with Americans buying over 180 million greeting cards on Valentines Day you can just imagine the impact. Opt for E-Cards or if necessary cards made out of recycled paper.

Take care of the planet this year while still spoiling your loved ones.