Investing, But Make It Sustainable

Where we invest financially is one of the most direct and simple ways we can contribute to value-based positive change in the world.

As we have all seen Robinhood restrict trading and continue to support the rich, it's more evident than ever that we need to change the way we invest. Specifically change the places our money is going, we need to support companies who want to make real change in our world. Make the switch today to one of these great sustainable investing companies.

Socially Responsible Platforms:


Declare the important topics you care about, like climate change or social equity and OpenInvest handles the rest!


Automated investing service in exclusive companies with ESG - Environment, Social, and Governance practices.


Built by women for women, investment algorithms that takes into consideration women's unique lives.


Offering a selection of campaigns within the industries of clean tech, social inclusion, health & wellness, and more.

Wunder Capital

Helping you invest in solar projects here in the U.S.

Looking to learn more about investing?

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