Sustainable Essentials

Do you find yourself going the easy route to buying off of Amazon for EVERYTHING you need? It's understandable because it's so easy & fast, but today I challenge you to support a small business that has a goal to change our world for the better. All companies aim to sell products that are sustainably & ethically made, that don't pollute our environment, and are owned or made by women and minorities.


All-Natural Marketplace By All Black Artisans. From bath & body to menstrual care, they have it all. All Products are non-toxic, black owned, carefully curated, and quality tested.

Bee Joyful Zero Waste Shop

Bee Joyful is the essential shop for all your eco-friendly needs. This women owned shop will make your journey of sustainability a breeze.

Package Free

Ecosystem of brands on a mission to make sustainable & plastic free products more accessible. They offer tons of zero waste kits (perfect for gifts or exploring sustainable products), cleaning supplies, kitchen goodies, beauty care, and so much more.

Grove Collaborative

Cleaning reimagined, all products are made out of plastic-free packaging, 97% plant based ingredients, and zero synthetic fragrances. They offer refills so you can love your products forever without further polluting our environment. They offer hand soap and an all-purpose cleaner.

The Detox Market

The skin, hair, and overall beauty experts that cary products that are GOOD for you, all made out of pure, cruelty-free ingredients. They also offer a subscription box to get green products delivered each month for you to explore.


This one is kinda a given when it comes to supporting small businesses with handmade and eco-friendly products. One thing you may not know is that Etsy takes a percentage from the sellers who use this platform, try searching up the company name online and buy directly from the seller.


Secondhand is always the most sustainable option, buying from places like Poshmark or Ebay helps stop unnecessary waste and gives items a new home with love.

Thrive Market

How you treat yourself and your body changes your mindset. Living a healthy lifestyle is the beginning steps in caring for the planet. While searching for healthy food always look into where your products are made & grown. Purchasing fair-trade certified products is a great step in supporting ethical companies.

Another fantastic way to support small businesses through Amazon is to buy directly from the seller. Once you find a product you love through Amazon, head over to the companies website and you can find the same product but you'r giving more support to the company itself.