How Toothbrushes Affect Our Planet

Toothbrushes??? YES!!! The average person uses 300 toothbrushes in their lifetime contributing to over 50 million pounds of polypropylene plastic & nylon to our landfills each year. These compounds are sourced non-renewable fossil fuels - nylon creates nitrous acid which is 310 times more potent that carbon dioxide and polypropylene plastic finds its way into our oceans and waterways where it's mistaken for food for our marine life.

What can you do? The easiest way is to recycle our toothbrushes or simply repurpose them for things like household cleaning. On top of this, you can purchase biodegradable, plastic-free toothbrushes. Make sure to do research into what you're purchasing: a lot of toothbrushes have biodegradable handles, but their bristles are made out of nylon.

A lot of great companies are now making plastic-free floss & toothpaste. On top of great for our environment, they are also cost efficient. Don't stop at dental hygiene, make sure to make sustainable purchases in all beauty needs.

Some recommended brands:

Life Without Plastic

plastic free floss, toothpaste, & disposable toothbrushes


eco friendly toothbrushes, floss, produce bags, & kitchen essentials


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Sustainable Jungle