Disposable Masks Have Taken Over

"Plastic masks take 450 years to decompose in nature"

The Pandemic has forced us to take many precautions, one of them being wearing masks. This hopefully short term change in our lives has long term affects, specifically on our environment. We go throughout our day loosing or throwing away our stupid little masks, not releasing the harm they are causing. Something so small can really make a huge impact, especially if everyone in the world is doing it.

Throughout the extremely long process of decomposition, disposable masks become micro-plastics that release harmful chemicals into our ground & waterways and will eventually be ingested by marine life or even us. Lets do better, not only for our marine life or environment, but for ourselves.


1. Purchase A Reusable Mask!

"Globally we are using over 129 billion face masks and 65 billion plastic gloves every month". As a sustainable brand and looking at the current state of our world, we knew we needed to provide a solution. We sell reusable masks made out of Organic Non-GMO GOTS Certified Cotton and Non-Toxic Vegetable Dye. If you are in need of a reusable mask now, so many stores including drug stores or grocery stores have reusable masks available for purchase.

2. Dispose Of All Trash Properly

“If even only 1 per cent of the masks were disposed of incorrectly...this would result in 10 million masks per month dispersed in the environment". Placing waste into proper bins is extremely important in creating a clean environment, when it comes to disposable masks its almost impossible to be eco-friendly. If you need to use one, ensure you are placing it into the trash bin and not losing it in the wind.

We can all make a difference if we are intentional with all of our purchases and the way we navigate through life